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  • Phil Parker

    Phil Parker

    Working & optioned screenwriter | Nashville FF Winner | former USC film Grad | former BBC Creative Producer | TACOS!!

  • Rene Claveau

    Rene Claveau

    Screenwriter, script reader, consultant, instructor, Organizer for Vancouver Screenwriters Meetup Group, and an INTJ.

  • Amanda Toney

    Amanda Toney

    http://Stage32.com's command central. Entrepreneur | World Traveler | Dog Lover | Dork. @stage32

  • Sylvia Llewellyn

    Sylvia Llewellyn

    Crime/Thriller Screenwriter, PSA 39 Alumni. Owner - Julie's Cuban Restaurant .... Favorite saying: Never enough hours in a day.

  • Richard RB Botto

    Richard RB Botto

    Founder & CEO @stage32 Screenwriter/Producer/Actor/Author. Master of my domain. Legendary wiseass. Get some. http://www.stage32.com/RB

  • Regina Lee

    Regina Lee

    Still getting over the shock that Jamba Juice, which tastes great, isn't really healthy.

  • Laurie Ashbourne

    Laurie Ashbourne

    #LAstorystudio Writer of stuff worth reading and producer of stuff worth writing

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

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